It Was a Crazy, Emotional Day

Being crazy isn’t enough.
-Dr. Seuss

Before I get into the day I had today, I have some personal things to get to.

I want to thank all of you who are reading my thoughts and liking them. For those of you who are following, I thank you doubly. It’s nice to not be alone in all the craziness that is my life, and I am glad you take time out of the craziness in your life to visit me.

Yesterday ended with confusion and hope.

I got a phone call at 8PM last night. It was from an editor who had read my children’s Christmas book, “Ellie’s Grand Christmas Wish’. They want to revamp the book and republish it for me. This means I may be looking at a contract.

I asked right up, what was this was going to cost me?

By the time he was finished talking, my husband was looking dubious, and I was left wondering if I had heard him right. He offered to write me an offer and send it via email. This was going to be about the deal he was offering.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this when I normally talk about my diet, and how I am doing.

I am a STRESS eater.

First I found out that the little boy I babysit for does not have Covid, but he has a horrible chest cold. I love that little kid, and I miss him, but I wouldn’t babysit him until I knew he didn’t have Covid. Second: My sister’s husband had an accident and completely destroyed his car and the car that was standing still. Third: We lost a porch and about fifteen trees during a really bad storm that went through our area. It wasn’t as bad as the people from Louisianna, but it was bad for us.

I’m trying to keep on a diet, and these things are happening. I took a deep breath, and moved on.

Today, while trying to get twenty articles done, I was thinking about the phone all, and what I was going to do. In the midst of thinking, I started biting my nails. The nails led to raisin bread toast, and tonight I had a huge handful of gummy bears and about ten peanut butter pretzels.


My stomach is upset, and I feel like I am about to vomit. I need guidance on the book, and my husband tells me it is up to me. I already have one book in the advertisement stage. Is this where Ellie is heading?

I picked up a glass of almond milk and gulped it down.

I’m sure that tomorrow I will see at least three pounds added on the scale.

I need help!!!! I’m glad you’re all listening and please send me good thoughts.

Any ideas? I’d love to hear them.

Ellie’s Grand Christmas For my readers, I will offered a signed copy for just $5. Part of the updating of this book, is going to be a revamp of the pricing. My original publisher made the price so high that no one could afford to buy it. I like the idea of a price somewhere between $5 and $9.

I’ll Be Seeing You This is a clean book for any reader. It is the story of my mom and dad. Mom approved, LOL. If interested let me know. I’ll give you a good offer.

So, that’s it for tonight. I’m out of gummy bears, and pretzels. I think I’ll write more articles, and have less work to do tomorrow.

I thank you all, and wish you a good night. without you, I wouldn’t be able to stick to this diet, or fall off the diet. I share it all.


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