I Tried Putting This Off

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.
-Mark Twain

I must admit that I am quite a procrastinator. When it comes down to the final moment, I normally pull things together, but I wait till the last minute, and that’s a problem.

I work from home, and I get my workload at beginning of the month. I have a certain amount of articles that need to be done by the end of each week.

I normally have my work done by Friday night or Saturday. There are some weeks I am rushing to finish my work by the deadline of Sunday at midnight.

Now, I have to say that I do babysit for a rambunctious 15-month-old little boy. He does not know how to slow down and he climbs on everything and anything. Trying to work is a feat.

Trying to stick with my diet is even harder. He is learning how to feed himself and whenever I turn away, he tries to shove his spoon into my mouth. Chicken noodle soup does not go well with a protein shake (which I have for my lunches). What really doesn’t go with a vanilla or chocolate protein shake; is fajita soup with crackers.

He loves my fajita soup, but he thinks I should be eating the same as he eats. All I hear is, ‘Sherry! WooWoo.” and I have a spoon shoving into my mouth or into my protein shake.

Yesterday, I tried to put off my diet for a couple hours, just until he got picked up. I put off until tomorrow, which caused my body to tell me that the diet could be put off until the following day too.

Fortunately, I forgot about Mark Twain and my habit of procrastination, and I went right back to my normal diet. I gained a half pound today, but some of that was just water weight and it is back on. I am down from 301.2 to 280.1.

YAY!!!! My husband thinks I’m doing amazingly well, but I know that this is just the start and something I need to do for me for the rest of my life.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you well. Stay safe. I couldn’t do this without you!!


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