A New Beginning

I stepped on the scale a month ago, and realized I had topped the 300 pound mark. I have always been heavy, but I had never been fat.

The first thing I did was cry, and then I became resolved. I had to find out who Sherry was again.

I could blame my state on Covid 19 as most people and businesses are doing, but that wasn’t the case. I became bored, and eating was the way I chose to ease my pain. I was a writer, but instead of turning to my books and work, I chose food. (As I say to my husband, “I never said I was smart.”)

This didn’t start with Covid 19. I blamed my mom who died in 2018, because I was angry at her for leaving me. She was my best friend and someone I could talk to. My husband is a quiet man and hibernates in his basement. When mom died, I felt alone and lost.

The second happening was when my older sister passed away a year later. She had so much to look forward to. She had a new great-grandson, and her granddaughter was getting married in just a few short weeks. I was angry with her for leaving and not staying around.

At the beginning of Covid 19, my older brother passed away from pneumonia. Because of Covid 19, I couldn’t go to his funeral or memorial service. I felt like he had abandoned me. Then I read a message he left me on Facebook. He told me he loved me and he was proud of me and what I had accomplished, and he wished me Happy Easter. He wrote that he couldn’t wait to read my next book, and he had every one of them in his home library.

My feeling angry with everyone would have ended there, but Covid 19 kept me away from my grandchildren and my children. I was now angry at a virus that was affecting everyone in the world, but I was being selfish and thinking I was the only person on earth who was stranded on an island named; My Home.

Summer 2021 arrived, and the world was outside and seeing people again. I went to Las Vegas with my son while my husband stayed home. He hated travelling. I had the opportunity to meet with my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in more than two decades. We had talked on the phone and chatted through text, but we hadn’t seen each other.

The day I saw him, was at a business meeting. His eyes were shuttered as he looked at me. His once beautiful best friend had gotten fat and old. He didn’t say it, but since he didn’t contact me after that day, I knew his disappointment.

Instead of changing how I looked, I ate even more. This is where the 300 pounds happened. am now on a life journey to get Sherry back. At the time of this writing, I have already been changing my eating habits and I have lost almost ten pounds.

For the next four months, I will be giving my progress every week. I hope you’ll all join me. I’ll give you recipes that are good and healthy, and I’ll give you an update on my progress. I hope that if you feel I need admonishment for my sliding backward or praise for my success, you let me know on my Contact page. I promise to answer everyone as timely as humanly possible.

Somewhere along the line, I will also mention the books I have written and what I am now writing.

Thank you for reading Sherry Writes


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